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For Classes 6 to 8

Martin Roberts

Timeline, comprising textbooks, workbooks, and teaching guides, is a new secondary world history series from Oxford University Press, Pakistan written in accordance with the UK and Pakistan National Curriculum guidelines. The aim is to impart appropriate historical knowledge and skills through a structured, progressive, and interesting method, providing a bridge from primary to higher secondary history.

Salient features:

  • A strong storyline captures pupils’ interest and the narrative clarifies the main events and their importance in the historical context
  • Page margins contain additional information and anecdotes relevant to the text, to sustain and enhance pupils’ interest
  • Key words, are explained at the end of each chapter
  • Appropriate illustrations complement the text, increase understanding, and make the past real and enjoyable
  • Maps with the locations of significant places and geographical features clarify events and situations
  • Each chapter concludes with carefully structured questions to assess pupils’ understanding of the topics and text, and develop analytical skills


  • Students’ Books 1-3
  • Workbooks 1-3
  • Teaching Guides 1-3

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  1. Timeline Teaching Guide 1
    Timeline Teaching Guide 1
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  2. Timeline Teaching Guide 2
    Timeline Teaching Guide 2
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  3. Timeline Teaching Guide 3
    Timeline Teaching Guide 3
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