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Oxford My E-mate is an online learning platform that allows teachers and students to learn interactively through a blended learning process. This new service hosts a variety of digital resources, including video/animation lessons, audio, interactivities and, assessments.

With My E-Mate, teachers can guide students to structure their learning at their convenience.

Teachers can provide students access to learning resources that clarify concepts and meet the subject’s learning outcomes (SLOs).

Furthermore, the platform can help students self-assessment by providing results in real-time and help teachers with marking by checking all objective questions itself!


The following series are currently available on My E-mate:


  • New Oxford Modern English Books (Third Edition) – Books 1–8
  • The Grammar Tree (Second Edition) – Books 1–8


  • The Science Factor – Books 1–5
  • Science Fact File (Second Edition) – Books 1–3
  • New Oxford Primary Science (Third Edition) – Books 1–5


  • New Countdown (Third Edition) – Books 1–8
  • Maths Wise – Books 1–8

Social Studies:

  • New Oxford Social Studies for Pakistan (Fourth Edition) – Books 1–5
  • Know Your World – Books 1–8

The subscription for My E-mate is valid for one academic year. You are advised that online accounts be registered once the academic year has begun.

If you are a teacher using one of the above-mentioned series and wish to test My E-mate, please contact your OUP Sales Representatives to request a teacher’s account or register for a demo or trial account via this form

Key Features

1. All books include digital learning aids to enrich learning and to understand concepts. This will ease the teacher’s difficulty of finding additional learning resources. Teachers can also share their own uploaded files with students.

2. Every lesson includes “Before You Continue” in-book assessments which requires the student to reflect on their own learning. The option to receive assessment feedback in real-time decreases the workload of the teachers and still provides interactivity for the student.

3. The teachers can use prebuilt assessments or make their own using the readymade assessment questions and assign them to individual students. Objective questions are system-marked assessments which aid in reducing marking effort for the teachers. Subjective questions give flexibility to teachers to enter their own marks and feedback.

4. Teachers can assign editable worksheets designed by subject experts to test concept retention, and use them as homework assignments. Since the worksheets are editable, the students and teachers do not need to print or scan. Just download, edit, save and upload!

5. Performance reports and analytics to measure students’ usage and performance with easy-to-access and simple-to-interpret data.

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How to get Started!

  • Register for a demo via this form
  • OUP sales team will provide a detailed demo of My E-Mate platform.
  • Once the school decides to accept My E-Mate, a school admin account is created.
  • The school confirms the book series, the number of students and teachers who will have access to My E-Mate.
  • eBooks will be assigned to the teachers and students as per their requirements.

Please fill in the form if you want to request for a demo, trial or subscription.

And that’s it. You’re good to go! Teachers can start providing homework and assessments to the students.

For information and queries, please contact us Email: digitalsupport.pk@oup.comToll Free No.: 0800-68775(9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Monday to Friday)

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