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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can I find information about a specific Oxford University Press publication?

First, make sure that the book has been published by Oxford University Press (OUP). Generally books with the ISBN beginning with 019 or 978 have been published by OUP. Next, go to the search box and type in one or two words from the book’s title. You can also type in the author’s name or the book’s ISBN (International Standard Book Number)—the 13-digit identifying number.


Q: What is an ISBN?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. Every book published anywhere in the world is given a unique identifying 13-digit character code called an ISBN. The first three characters identify the standard publishing code, the next three characters identify the publisher of the book, the next six characters are a unique number assigned to the book, and the last character (which may be a letter) verifies that the number is a legitimate ISBN.


Q: I am a book reviewer; how can I get a copy of an Oxford University Press publication to review?

To receive a review copy, fax your request on an official letterhead to the attention of the Marketing Department at 92-213-5055071 or 5055072. In your request, please include your full name and address (the address where you would like the book sent) as well as the author, ISBN (if possible), and complete title of the book you plan to review.


Q: I would like to evaluate an Oxford University Press publication for use in a class that I teach?

You can request an evaluation copy from the respective Sales Department. Please include the title, author, and edition of the book you would like to evaluate, and the course name as well as the semesters in which the course is offered, the class size, and the title of the current course book. Also please include your name, school/college/university name and department, and your phone number and email address. Please allow 2 to 3 days for the sales representative from the concerned department to contact you. If you need the book urgently, please include the date by which the book is needed.

Rush orders CANNOT be processed via an online submission.


Q: How can I get my book published? Where can I send my manuscript?

Visit our Manuscript Submission page for this information.


Q: Would you please send me the email address of my favourite author?

We would be happy to forward your email on to an author but, as a policy, Oxford University Press (OUP) does not share its authors' contact details with anyone. However, some authors do have personal web pages linked to their OUP titles and you can contact them via their web page.


Q: Do you have a job for me?

Current job openings are listed on the Careers page.


Q: I noticed that Oxford University Press is having a book launch or a talk by an eminent scholar in my city. How can I participate in this event?

Contact the Marketing Department at central.marketing.pk@oup.com and request an invitation.


Q: How do I get my name added in the Oxford mailing list?

Sign up to receive email notifications of new book releases. To subscribe, register your name, email id, address, and category, i.e. individual, librarian, school teacher, college teacher, university professor, bookseller, etc. This will be helpful in building our databases under these categories.


Q: How can I place an order?

Customers outside Pakistan may send their orders to our Marketing Department. For customers in Pakistan who require either books published by the Oxford University Press (OUP) Pakistan Branch or OUP books published internationally can send their orders to the nearest OUP office or bookshop in Pakistan.


Q: How can I place an order for a book which has restricted rights?

Oxford University Press Pakistan has certain books which have Pakistan/South Asian rights only. Books bearing such territory restrictions on sales will not be processed for overseas customers.


Q: I'm an Oxford University Press author. Why is my information out of date in your promotional materials?

If your affiliation, name, or other biographical information has changed, please contact your editor or the publishing department to request for this information to be updated. Otherwise, you may email the webmaster who will forward your request to the right person (this may not be instantaneous).


Q: Why are prices of certain titles not mentioned on the website?

Oxford University Press (OUP) Pakistan also carries stocks of select imported books published by OUP UK and other branches. Since prices and conversion rates of these books are liable to change periodically, we have not mentioned the prices on the website.

Customers interested in buying imported titles are requested to contact the Marketing Department at central.marketing.pk@oup.com for current prices.