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Muntakhib ul Hikayaat

Nazir Ahmed Dehlvi

Written by Nazir Ahmed, this book basically contains moralistic fables, parables, and other brief pieces. The book has 77 fables, which have been chosen from different classical sources. Nazir Ahmed was one of the best-known personalities and prominent authors of the era known as the Renaissance of Urdu literature. He is still considered among the giants of Urdu prose. At the end of each fable, a lesson is also given. For better understanding, meanings of difficult words are also given in the footnote of each page.  This book is considered as a classic and is representative of Urdu literature in this genre.

Author Description

Nazir Ahmed Dehlvi also known as "Diptee" (Deputy) Nazir Ahmad (1830–1912), was a well-known Urdu writer, translator, social and religious reformer, and scholar of nineteenth century India. He is also famous as a pioneer of the Urdu novel. His novels Fasana-e-Mubtala, Ibn-ul-Waqt, Mirat-ul-Uroos, Tauba-tun-Nasooh, Bina-tun-Nash, Ruya-e Sadiqah and others are classics of Urdu literature. He was determined to eradicate social evils, such as illiteracy, poverty and the frustration of the common man, which had risen to alarming proportions. He felt that the corruption of society was coming to a stage where a burn out was just around the corner. His novels aimed at making people aware of this. He sought to infuse a desire amongst people to eradicate such problems from the root.

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