Handwriting Skills Builder Teaching Guide for Grade 1

English Handwriting for Early Years is a comprehensive course designed to nurture the handwriting skills of young learners. The Nursery book, intended for children aged 3.5 to 4.5, offers a rich learning experience. It provides ample opportunities for the child to trace, write, read, and connect the sounds and words with pictures. This book is a holistic resource that enables children to enhance their writing skills, expand their vocabulary, and develop fine motor skills.

English Handwriting for Nursery does not make the child practice letter formation in isolation, the letters are always accompanied by a new topic or a respective illustration. These topics help build the child’s foundations of the English language.

English Handwriting for Nursery provides:

  • lots of pictures for the child to colour in
  • ample amount of tracing patterns for the child to practice
  • vocabulary words paired with pictures to increase their vocabulary bank
  • full sentences to increase reading skills


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ISBN 9789697347650
Readership / Level For Grade 1
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Binding Paperback

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