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Manuscript Submission

We welcome book proposals for academic and general audiences. Most of our publications deal with Pakistan but we do publish a few works on South Asia. Proposals for School and Higher Education textbooks are also considered. We encourage prospective authors to view our website to make sure that their book fits the list before submitting the proposal. The Press does not publish and will not examine contemporary fiction (novels, short stories, unless prescribed at an educational institution as a literary text or recommended reading), poetry, drama, memoir, how-to or self-help books, cookbooks, 'coffee table' or photographic books, or medical books.

In order to submit a book proposal to Oxford University Press (OUP) Pakistan, please send the following information:

Author Details

Job title
Telephone number
Fax number
Email address

Professional Details

Your degree and professional qualifications
Present appointment
Previous appointments of relevance (and dates)
Previous and forthcoming publications
Related teaching/research experience
[What makes you qualified to write this book? List your credentials and experience in relation to the topic of the book. Do you have experience speaking, teaching, or writing about this or similar subjects? Have you published other books, or periodical or journal articles?]

Brief Synopsis of the Book

This should give the information below, some sample text(s), and a justification as to why the book should be published.

Table of contents.
What is the manuscript about? Provide a brief synopsis.
What is the purpose of the book and how will this book achieve its aim?
How would you summarize your approach to the subject?
What are your expectations about the specifications of the prospective book in terms of format (size), layout, presentation, etc.?

Anticipated Market for the Book

Who should read it and why?
How large an audience do you expect for this book?

Information on Competing Books

Please give a list of books (with date of publication, publisher, and price) that might be considered as 'competing' with your book.
What are the advantages of your book over these titles?
If you had to come up with three unique selling points for your book, what would they be?

Promotional Resources

Do you have any marketing plans for the book? If so, give some examples.

Response Time

We will contact you as soon as we have had a chance to examine your manuscript proposal thoroughly.

Decision time regarding evaluation of proposals can vary from as little as a few weeks to several months. Although we consider every submission that we receive which is sent according to the given guidelines, we cannot respond personally to each submission.

If the decision is favorable, we will ask you to send a copy of the complete manuscript.

Please keep a copy of your submission. OUP is not responsible for any lost or misdirected manuscripts, proposals, photos, artwork or other submissions.

Also, while we do accept queries or short proposals by email, please do not submit full manuscripts or large attachments with a query. We do not respond to queries from potential authors by phone. Also, we do not accept and will not return any unsolicited manuscript or original artwork.

Preparing the Manuscript for Review

We need two copies of the manuscript, which should include all elements of the book except the dedication, acknowledgments, and index. Please do not bind your manuscript. Please print on one side of the sheet only. Use a large size of type (11 or 12 points). Leave one-inch margins on all sides. Double-space the text properly. Set-off block quotations and single-space any footnotes. Be sure that each page is numbered. Consecutive numbering of the pages throughout the manuscript is best. At the review stage, footnotes are preferable to endnotes and are more likely to be read.

The Review Process

Peer review is an important component of the OUP evaluation process of new manuscripts and proposals. All projects are evaluated by outside readers before being accepted, and any book's final acceptance for publication by the Press is approved by the OUP Editorial Board.

We commission two reports on each manuscript considered for publication. If favourable the reports are shared with, the author (less the reviewers’ identity), who is asked to respond to the reviewers’ comments. The reports and the author's response are then sent to the Editorial Board for their views. You may expect the review to take a minimum of four months or a little longer. Be advised that we cannot guarantee that the review process will be quick or that the reports will recommend publication. Nor do favourable reports necessarily mean that our Editorial Committee will vote to accept the manuscript for publication.

You are advised, however, that reviews may sometimes not recommend publication, and also that favourable reviews may at times not be accepted by the Editorial Board for publication of a manuscript.

Multiple Submissions

Many presses undertake the review of a manuscript only if the author agrees not to send the work to other presses for review at the same time. We will review a work that is under consideration by another press provided that the author agrees to keep us informed about the progress of the other review processes and to let us know if another press is about to accept the manuscript. This allows us to stop our own review process. This is in the author's best interest as well.

Please fill out the form below to send an initial submission for review by an editor. An asterisk (*) indicates a required field. We respect your privacy. We do not share your personal information with any organization.

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