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Waheeduddin Saleem
Editor: Rauf Parekh

Talmeehaat means 'Allusions' figures of speech or litrary devices referringindirectly or in an implied manner to an object, a historic event, figure, legend, or personality. Allusions play a vital role in eastern literary traditions and are used in abundance in Arabic, Persian, Hindi and Urdu literary texts. Since in Urdu literature the readers, especially the young ones, may not be fully aware of the objects or figures that are alluded to, some sort of explanatory notes/guidance are often needed. This book, first published some 90 years ago, is still relevant today and has some rare allusions richly and finely explained as it includes all the relevant allusions used in Urdu including the ones taken form Persian, Arabic, and Hindi. The foreword and the annotations of this volume, both penned by Dr Rauf Parekh, introduce the reader to the allusions, the original work, and the author in a reader friendly manner.

Author Description

Waheeduddin Saleem (1867-1928) was a scholar of Urdu, Persian, Arabic, and Hindi, especially known for his contribution to Urdu linguistics. With a knack for coining words and translating technical and literary terms from different languages, Saleem is regarded as an authority on word meanings and usage. Some of his works, describing the principles of coinages, are still part of curricula at different universities.

Dr Rauf Parekh has an MA and PhD from the University of Karachi. He is a critic of Urdu Literature and regularly contributes to the daily Dawn, Karachi. He is a former Chief Editor of the Urdu Dictionary Board. He currently teaches at the Department of Urdu, University of Karachi. He is the compiler of the first slang Urdu dictionary and Chief Editor of the Oxford Urdu – English Dictionary.

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