Family Laws in Pakistan Second Edition

Muhammad Zubair Abbasi and Shahbaz Ahmad Cheema

This book offers a comprehensive and up-to-date account of the principles and practices of family laws in Pakistan, incorporating the most recent case law and statutes. The case law has been organised in a systematic manner providing a critical analysis of the leading judicial precedents. Each chapter covers the general principles of family law and illustrates their application through the examination of relevant judgments. By examining real-life examples, readers can gain an understanding of how these principles are applied in practice. The book highlights the evolving trends in case law and proposes solutions to reconcile conflicting judicial authorities. It also identifies areas where reforms are needed to improve the existing legal frameworks. The book includes dedicated chapters on the personal laws of Hindus and Christians in Pakistan and addresses the complexities arising from the conflict of personal laws. It also provides an overview of the principles of private international law and explores the relevant case law, enabling readers to develop a comprehensive understanding of family laws within transnational contexts in our contemporary globalised world.

Author Description

Dr Muhammad Zubair Abbasi is an academic who has held positions as a Research Fellow at Oxford University, Senior Research Fellow at Max Planck Foundation in Heidelberg, lecturer at Bradford University, Oxford Brookes University, and Westminster University, Associate Professor at LUMS, and Visiting Professor of Comparative Law at the American University in Cairo. He earned his DPhil from Oxford University, an LL.M in Corporate Governance from Manchester University, and a B.A LL.B (Hons) from International Islamic University, Islamabad. He is the co-author of Democracy under God: Constitutions, Islam and Human Rights in the Muslim World (Cambridge University Press 2023).

Dr Shahbaz Ahmad Cheema is an experienced and accomplished academic, currently serving as a Professor at University Law College, University of the Punjab in Lahore. He holds a PhD from Warwick University, UK, an LL.M from the University of the Punjab, and an LL.B (Hons) from International Islamic University, Islamabad. With over two decades of teaching experience at the University of the Punjab, Dr Cheema specialises in Islamic law and evidence law. He is the author of Islamic Law of Inheritance: Practices in Pakistan (Shariah Academy, International Islamic University, Islamabad 2017).

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