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New Amazing Science

For Classes 4 to 5

New Amazing science is a series written in accordance with the Single National Curriculum 2020. Inquiry- based learning of science is introduced in the textbooks through critical questions and activities.

The books are divided into three sections:

  • Physical science
  • Life science
  • Earth and space science

The books are based on the latest pedagogical techniques including STEM and project-based learning. The content has been designed in an interactive way so that it sparks interest in the learners. New Amazing Science aims at building skills for learners to apply their scientific skills for problem solving. Some of the features are:

  • Image based content
  • Let’s find out: small activities to be conducted within the lesson
  • Quick review: short exercises to check what students have learned in that lesson
  • Stem based activities
  • Mind tree to summarize the unit at the end of the unit
  • Exercise on exam pattern
  • Projects

Each book is accompanied with complementary teaching guides containing:

  • curriculum mapped framework
  • sample test papers
  • worksheets
  • answers to the Student book questions
  • editable lesson plans
  • teaching strategies

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  1. New Amazing Science Teaching Guide 4
    New Amazing Science Teaching Guide 4
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  2. New Amazing Science Teaching Guide 5
    New Amazing Science Teaching Guide 5
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