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We are the international exam board that puts fairness first.

OxfordAQA is an exam board that offers globally recognized qualifications designed especially for international schools. It is a partnership between Oxford University Press (a department of University of Oxford) and AQA, UK’s largest provider of GCSEs and Alevels. We are one of the fastest growing international exam boards, bringing you the finest educational expertise.

Our Fair Assessment approach allows all students the best chance to show what they can do

Well aligned with UK standards, OxfordAQA exams provide every student the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities by specifically evaluating subject ability instead of assessing Language skills or cultural knowledge. This allows students to attain the results they deserve without facing any cultural or language constraints.

We set academically rigorous British curriculum exams for your students.

We are constantly trying to make our international qualifications more relevant for the students who are planning to pursue further studies. For tomorrow’s global citizens, we have designed rigorous British curriculum exams for your students.

OxfordAQA shares the principals and values of esteemed educational institutions and is committed to unlocking the utmost potential in every student. To find out more about OxfordAQA and our range of qualifications, take a look at our prospectus

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Why should schools choose OxfordAQA?

  • Syllabuses and assessments are designed to help students progress successfully to their next stage of education by nurturing critical thinking skills such as application, analysis, and evaluation
  • Assessments are informed by the latest research and best practice in fair assessment
  • International GCSEs are based on the reformed GCSEs in England
  • International GCSE and A-level syllabuses are created with input from universities ensuring a smooth progression from lower secondary to undergraduate study
  • Also offers qualification options to help students develop useful transferable skills and learner attitudes such as independent learning, creativity, and research to help them stand out from the crowd when applying to top global universities

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What qualifications do OxfordAQA offer?

OxfordAQA offers a range of international qualifications, including IGCSEs and AS and A-levels. They are designed specifically to meet the needs of international students, and cover all of the most popular subjects, focusing on critical thinking skills to equip students for future success at university and beyond.

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