Planning a Visit

What resources are available to help me plan my visit to the Museum?

In order to better plan your trip to the Museum, you can go to the Visitor Information area of our site. In this section you’ll find information on how to get to the Museum, hours of operation, parking, and more.

Where can I find out more about bringing a group to the Museum?

You can visit our Information For: Groups section to find all information about bringing along a group. You can also Contact Us for further inquiries.

Does the Museum organize any events and/or activities?

The Museum will organize special exhibitions as well as other events and activities throughout the year. For further information please visit our Events and Activities section.

Is an online map of the Museum available?

Yes! You can see an online map of the museum on our Visitor Information page.

Is the Museum wheelchair accessible? What other services are offered for visitors with special needs?

Please see our Information For: Visitors with Disabilities section for details.

Permissions for Museum Content

How can I get photographic prints or slides of Museum images?

All requests for reproduction of Museum images can be submitted to the Curator. However, please note that not all museum images are available for everyone.

How can I request the right to use a Museum image for personal or commercial use?

You can request the Curator for the right to use a Museum image for personal or commercial use with the intent to use clearly stated in the request. Please note that not all museum images will be available for use.

How can I apply for copyright permission to use material from a Museum publication?

For requests to reprint, reproduce or otherwise any material from a Museum publication you can send a request to the Curator. Please include all the information of the material such as title, author’s name, date of publication and other information so as to make it easier for us to process your request. Copyright infringement is punishable by law so please always ask!

How can I get permission to use an image from the Museum or its website on my site?

Please note that some images in our Museum and on the website are personal property of OUP Pakistan and have been gathered from various sources. Permission will be granted generally for educational use or other purposes if intent is clearly stated to us. Condition for permission will include giving full credits to the Museum and a link back as well.

What is the Museum website Copyright Policy?

This Museum and its website including all images, text and software codes are under copyright protection of OUP Pakistan and its owners unless otherwise noted. They may be used for the personal education of website visitors. They may not be placed in the public domain. Any commercial reproduction, redistribution, publication, or other use by electronic means or otherwise is prohibited unless pursuant to a written license signed by the Museum.

Where can I find and order Museum publications?

Museum publications can be ordered online via an email to the Curator.


How do I contact the Museum?

See the Contact Us section.

Help! My question wasn’t answered!

For any further information, inquiries and reservations please call us at 111-OXFORD (111-693673) ext:602 or email us at batool.nasir@oup.com