File Copy Room and Archives


Want to see if we are actually saying the truth when we say we have been publishing since 1952? So then take the time out and come see out File Copy Room, where a record has been maintained of more or less every single book that has ever been published. Here you can find all our titles giving a complete and an accurate picture of what exactly we have been up to for the last 60 years.

The Oxford University Press Pakistan Archives Section provides access to the behind the scenes thought process and the dialogue between the Writer, the Scholar, the Researcher and the Organization itself. This is a rare insight to what goes on behind the scenes and providing a window into many of the decisions and the reasons behind why something was done the way it was done!

The vision is that all of this Collection can be made available online one day, but till then our Archives and our Staff is more than available to help you with you research!

Also, in our Archives, you can find tons of resource material regarding the books that we have published. You can find some rare books even from the late 19th Century!