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Architecture, Craft, and Religious Symbolism
Mohsen Keiany
This work explores the living traditions of Balochistan and provides a deeper understanding of the province's religio-cultural, architectural, textile, and symbolic traditions which are explored in depth. The architectural and artistic traditions of the myriad Baloch groups are documented. The field work and data collection is theoretically contextualized and draws upon a combination of reference points from Islamic architecture as well as anthropology. Selected architectural forms of houses and mosques, and the design of their constituent elements, most notably minarets, are analysed to explain their practical functions and symbolic meaning. The Baloch lifestyle is examined on a broad plane, with particular focus on indigenous architecture and its characteristics, social contextualization, and methods of construction.
Author Description

Mohsen Keiany is an artist and lecturer in architecture and visual arts. He has done his Bachelors and Masters in Fine Arts (Painting), and completed his PhD and Post-doctoral degree in Architecture, from Birmingham City University (BCU), UK. Dr Keiany has over eighteen years of academic experience in a variety of arts-based subjects, and his research extends into multi-culturalism, and the traditional arts and architecture of different cultures. He was previously a lecturer at the BCU and is currently working there as a researcher for a project entitled ‘Hidden Symbolism in the Muslim Community in Birmingham’. Dr Keiany is an award-winning artist whose work has been showcased at more than sixty-five international venues.

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