Submission of an entry into your local/national Big Read is/will be deemed to imply unqualified acceptance of these campaign terms and conditions. In the event of any dispute regarding these terms and conditions or any other matter relating to the campaign, the decision of Oxford University Press (“Oxford”) shall be final, and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into.


1.1 Three (3) authors of the most outstanding stories will be awarded the following ‘Grand Prize’.

1.2 The three (3) consolation prize winners will receive OUP vouchers; PKR 25,000 to the National Winner, PKR 15,000 to the 1st Runner-up, PKR 10,000 to the 2nd Runner-up.

1.3 Prize winners will be notified in the manner and within the time specified on the Competition Notice.

1.4 The judges’ decision is final and no appeal and/or correspondence will be entertained.

1.5 Oxford reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal or greater value at any time without notice to the participants. No cash alternatives to prizes will be provided.

1.6 Oxford reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice, where it is deemed necessary to do so or where it is required to do so because of circumstances beyond its control. Any changes to these terms and conditions will be posted on the website for the Campaign (defined below).


2.1. The campaign (“Campaign”) is open to those students who have participated in the local/national Big Read campaign in one of the following categories.

2.1.1. Category 1. For those aged 5 years old to 8 years old at the time of entry.

2.1.2. Category 2. For those aged 9 years old to 12 years old at the time of entry.

2.1.3. Category 3. For those aged 13 years old to 15 years old at the time of entry. (Each of the above students an “Entrant” and together the “Entrants”).

2.2. There can only be one story submitted per author and any further submissions will be null and void with only the first story accepted for consideration.

2.3. All entries must be the creation of the Entrant, original and not have been previously published in print or online, including individual websites or blogs or broadcasts, or previously submitted for any other campaigns/awards.

2.4. All entries must be written in English.

2.5. All entries will be submitted by the relevant Oxford branch on behalf of the Entrants.

2.6. Oxford will not acknowledge receipt of entries to the Entrants.


3.1. The following weighted judging criteria/parameters will be used.



Category 1: each parameter carries a maximum of 20 points

1. Language: spelling, grammatical accuracy, punctuation, structure

2. Book details on the front cover

3. ‘Why I chose this book’ response: originality, depth and cogency of thought and expression

4. Cover illustration: orginality and soundness of concept, illustration, design and composition

Category 2: each parameter carries a maximum of 20 points

1. Language: spelling, grammatical accuracy, punctuation, structure

2. Mention of title, author, time, place, setting, backdrop

3. Vocabulary range, fluency of expression

4.  ‘Something interesting about the book’ response: originality, depth and cogency of thought and expression

5. If the story can be changed’ response: originality, depth and cogency of thought and expression

Category 3: each parameter carries a maximum of 20 points

1. Language: spelling, grammatical accuracy, punctuation, structure

2. Mention of title, author, time, place, setting, backdrop

3. Vocabulary range, fluency of expression

4. Summary of plot, mention of characters, details about the main character

5. Personal evaluation of the story

3.2. Judging of submissions will take place in the following three stages.

3.2.1. Stage 1: all local schools participating send us the 10 best entries from their school.

3.2.2. Stage 2: the local/national branch judging panel will read all longlisted stories and will select a shortlist of winning stories which will be the winners for each respective country campaigns, to be submitted as semi-finalists to the Oxford Big Read Global campaign.

3.2.3. Stage 3: the Oxford Big Read Global judge(s) will then select the best story to be awarded the Grand Prize, plus one First Runner-Up, in each of the three categories. In reaching its decisions, the judge(s) will adopt a preferential voting system.

3.3. Semi-finalist and winning writers will be contacted personally via email and/or telephone.


4.1. The copyright in all entries submitted will hereby be assigned to The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars Of The University Of Oxford trading as OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS of Great Clarendon Street, Oxford OX2 6DP, England, with full title guarantee, perpetually, irrevocably and exclusively free from any encumbrance, and all other intellectual property rights of the entries submitted will hereby belong to Oxford.

4.2. By submitting a story for the Campaign the Entrant hereby acknowledges and accepts that all stories submitted may be reproduced and/or published, in whole or a part, at the discretion of Oxford either in print or online.

4.3. Entrants also acknowledge and accept that stories submitted may be used for publicity purposes in the relation to the Campaign either by Oxford or its affiliates.

4.4. In the event Oxford, at its sole discretion, decides to monetize any of the entries submitted under the terms above, a separate agreement between the Entrant and Oxford will be entered into; payment of royalty, if any, will be in accordance with the standard terms and conditions of Oxford. The Entrant agrees to accept these standard terms and conditions where applicable.

4.5. All entries are accepted free from any copyright infringement and the Entrant warrants to Oxford that his/her original work to which (for the avoidance of any doubt) all moral rights he/she may have in the entries are hitherto waived and no entries submitted can be reproduced either in print form or online by the Entrant or any other third party without first obtaining the express written consent of Oxford.


5.1. By participating in the campaign, Entrants (and guardians for Entrants aged below 18), hereby agree that:

5.1.1. Oxford may collect personal data about Entrants including, without limitation: name, phone number, email address, date of birth, identity card number, biographical information, name and state of school/institution;

5.1.2. winners’ full names, representative schools, photos, images, likeness and cities and states of residence may be used for publicity purposes related to the campaign, either in print or online; and

5.1.3. Oxford and its affiliates may use Entrants’ personal data for purposes of this campaign.

5.2. Oxford agrees to comply with all applicable data privacy laws in relation to the collection, processing and use of Entrant’s personal data.

The contest is governed by the laws of England and Wales.
Oxford reserves the right, in its own discretion, to cancel or modify the
contest or disqualify an Entrant, with or without cause, or if fraud or any
other factor impairs the spirit or integrity of the contest as determined by
Oxford in its sole discretion. If Oxford cancels or modifies the contest, it
reserves the right to award or not award prizes in its sole discretion.
Entrants are deemed made by the authorized account holder of an email account and associated email address at the time of entry submission. The ‘authorized account holder’ is deemed the natural person who participates via his or her email account and is assigned to an email address by an Internet access provider, service provider or other online organization that is responsible for assigning email addresses for the domain associated with the associated email address. A potential winner may be requested to provide proof that he/she is the authorized account holder of the email address account associated with the winning entry and that he/she meets the eligibility criteria set out herein.
Oxford may withdraw or cancel the Campaign for any reason and at
any time and may change the prize.

Competition Notice

This competition is organized by Oxford University Press Pakistan, No 38, Sector 15, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi, Pakistan (“OUPP”).

How to participate

This competition is open only to primary and secondary school students in Pakistan who attend a class. On behalf of their schools, teachers or students need to purchase at least 90 books from the Booklist (for Levels 1-3), provided by the OUPP representative.
The competition is open to any student who meets the eligibility criteria and submits an entry as described in the terms above. Those not eligible to compete are employees of OUP and their dependents, the judging committee members and their dependents, or anyone connected to the products being given away as prizes. Teachers cannot participate in a project with their dependents. In case of a selection as a finalist, a runner-up, or a winner by mistake, they will not receive any prizes.

Entry registration

Teachers and/or parents/guardians must fill in the Online Registration or printed Form provided by Oxford University Press after the purchase of the books.
A teacher and/or a parent/guardian may register only once and for all categories. During registration, the teacher should specify the categories that he/she wants to join.
Please record all the required information correctly, as the information submitted during registration will be used to administer final awards and certifications.
Registrations should be done by the participant teacher and/or parent/guardian personally. Please do not ask for any OUPP personnel to do it for you.

Entry Submission

Each participant should have read a minimum of five books as stated at the first stage of the competition.
From each classroom there shall be no more than 5 submissions. In case of having received more than 5 submissions per classroom, OUPP will randomly pick 5 of the submitted entries and disqualify the others.
Registrations will be open during the competition period. Late registrants may have trouble with submission. In this case, there will not be any extensions. You can follow the deadlines from the competition calendar at https://oup.com.pk/bigreadpakistan/calendar/. All submissions need to be received by OUPP by the announced deadlines. In case of any force majeure, OUPP keeps the right to make extensions which will be announced either on the website, on social media, through e-mailing, or by all three means.


The entries are accepted only on the review forms for each category provided by OUPP. Any submissions that are on plain paper will be disqualified.

Assessment Process

All submitted entries will be judged by three Jury Members for each level. From each Level, 5 finalists are shortlisted from 4 regions (South, North, and Central 1 and Central 2).
The shortlisted finalists are announced through social media, Big Read website, letters to schools mentioning the name of students for each level.
The shortlisted finalists are invited for the Regional Finalists’ Competition at the Oxford University Press offices in each region for Review Writing. The shortlisted finalists will be asked to write a review on one of the books they have read, other than the one submitted at the first stage of the competition. All submitted entries will be judged by the Regional Jury Members.
The final regional reviews will be evaluated by National Jury Members, who will select three national winners for each level (1 winner and 2 runner-ups).
The final national entries will be submitted for Global competition.

Certificates and Prizes

Certificate of Participation is given to all the students participating.
Certificate of Appreciation is given to the shortlisted students from all the 3 levels.
Regional Finalist Certificate is given to the students who have written reviews at OUP head office / Bookshops and are nominated by the jury as 5 best reviews from each level and each region.
1st Runner-up Certificate is given to the 1st runner up of each level.
2nd Runner-up Certificate is given to the 2nd runner up of each level.
National Winner Certificate is given to the national winner of each level.
National runners-up of each level will also receive OUP vouchers; PKR 25,000 to the National Winner, PKR 15,000 to the 1st Runner-up, PKR 10,000 to the 2nd Runner-up.
The winning schools will be given a trophy.

Delivery of the Prizes

The finalists, runners-up and winners will be announced on the website, on OUPP social media channels, through letters to schools. OUP will aim to deliver the prizes at a prize distribution ceremony at the OUP offices in each region or through the OUP representatives in each region during the month following the announcement of winners. However, there may be delays due to the conditions in the relevant time frame.
The names on the certificates and the prizes will be generated from the review forms submitted by the student and checked by their respective teachers. OUPP is not liable for erroneous information.
Prizes are not transferable to another person. Differences caused by typographic errors that occur during registration may be accepted in the sole discretion of OUPP.


The details in this Competition Notice together with the attached Terms and Conditions are the Competition Rules.
OUP reserves the right to amend the Competition rules without prior notice. Any changes will be posted at https://oup.com.pk/bigreadpakistan/.