by Shahbano Bilgrami


Hasan Adil, National Winner
Siddeeq Public School, Islamabad

‘The Case of the Aunty Brigade’ is a hilarious novel marvellously composed by Shahbano Bilgrami. Shahbano Bilgrami is a writer, poet and editor and has written a number of books, she lives in Corning, New York with her husband and her own Dakoo-Busting, Pirate-hustling, real-life superheroes, Daloo, Anni and Coco Mai.
The jewellery of the fine ladies of Big City keep disappearing and the problem really hits Daliya and Anniyah’s house when their mother discovers her trinkets have been stolen and now it’s time for Munna Man and Baby lady to solve the case. The story is set in the Big City of Pakistan, Karachi in summer.
Daliya and Anniyah are siblings. Daliya is a weak little superhero and goes by the name Munna Man in this incredible novel while Anniyan is Daliya’s eminently elegant sidekick and goes by the name Baby Lady. I think this novel is funny as well as gripping too and the author has explained all the things in a flow. The mixed English-Urdu language used also makes this piece of writing stupendously great! My favourite part of this marvellous novel is when Amma and Phupo arranged a big tea party with many things to eat as in the novel, ‘…the list seemed endless’. It is my favourite part as the list contained very delicious and tantalizing eatables which made my mouth-water. My favourite place of this novel is Aunty Sveety’s house as described in the novel, ‘The house looked like a frosting, cake inside and out. Every square inch was decorated’. These descriptions make it look like a beautiful castle. So, for this very reason, this is my favourite place of this novel. The author has splendidly woven this outstanding novel. She has written it in such a way that you cannot stop in turning the pages to find out what happens next. The plot, characterization and wit of this novel have been described incredibly great. Peers of my age will surely be nudged towards the shocking moments of this ludicrous novel. While reading, they will feel as if they are in the
book which is also really exciting. For this very reason, I give this book 5 star rating and highly recommend this book for kids and
teens as the mixed English-Urdu language used makes this piece of writing enjoyable. Others may also read this novel if they are bored or looking for some means of entertainment. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss the boat and get your copy now from the nearest book store.