by Lewis Carroll


Ayesha Fatima, National Winner
Bahria Foundation College, Chakwal
‘Alice in the Wonderland’ is a story by Lewis Carroll. In this story Alice is a girl who falls into a rabbit hole and lands into a fantasy world where there are so many, we can say, weird and wonderful animals and persons. Personally, I found this story strange and uninteresting. I loved the Cheshire’s cat wit and intelligence. The hatter has an interesting personality as it reminded of the eccentric person I know. My favourite part was when Alice talks with the caterpillar because of his ambiguous talking. I thought the events were random and didn’t connect always. By the end, almost everyone she meets ends up in a courtroom where the kings of hearts wants verdict before evidence, the jurors collects all the information, witnesses are threatened with punishment. As Alice grows tall in the courtroom she was enough not to be interrogated by cards which is what the courtroom and soldiers are. So, Carroll descripted a world I have never seen before. I think that is why I will recommend this book. While reading this novel I develop the scenes I wanted. I kinda say I love adventure and when it comes to reading something I develop the scenes I want and I usually use my imagination to that phase and I think I am in that phase of my life. By the blessing of Allah I have completed my review. I wish I could change Alice’s dream into reality as reality is more real. It’s a lovely fictions story.