by William Shakespeare


Syeda Maria Bukhari, National Winner
Generation’s School, Karachi
‘Romeo and Juliet’ is a captivating tale, skillully crafted by the Elizabethan playwright, William Shakespeare. The plot centres around two lovers belonging to families who have a long history of animosity. The title befits the tragic drama of the lovers who brave all odds to stand firm in their faith for each other. Set out on the streets of Verona, Romeo encounters a series of trials and tribulations brawls, alienation and even exile. Juliet also suffers separation and is almost forced into marriage with the rich and handsome Count Paris. Their families are unaware of Romeo and Juliet’s secret marriage. Circumstances force them to part with a strong hope in their hearts of seeing each other again. A tragic misunderstanding leads Romeo and Juliet into believing that the other is dead. This compels them to put an end to their lives for a mutual cause. The climax, marked by their suicidal deaths ends with the long enmity between the families coming to an end. The heart-rending melodramatics, laced with instances of loyalty and sincerity that Romeo and Juliet possess for each other. The story reflects the rigid norms and conventions of a conservative Elizabethan society. The travails of Romeo carry the reader from the vibrant atmosphere of Verona to the sombre environs of Mantua. I whole heartedly recommend this story to young readers for its linguistic appeal, dramatic twists and turns and the vicissitudes of fate.